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A bit of an introduction to my new podcast. Sharing life experience from voiceover, podcasting, creating. Conversations with people who are into what they are into. Interviews with people known and unknown, I believe everyone has something worth listening to.

8 months ago   •   1 min read

By Corby Stephens

Corby Left The Mic On? What does that even mean? What is this podcast?

Some of the best conversations, the funniest moments, the good stuff, happens, when the mic is not on. When only you and a couple of other people are involved. Almost like it’s behind the scenes of your life. To me, the best stuff happens behind the scenes of both life and entertainment. When it’s our turn to talk, those are the stories, the jokes, the moments we tend share with others.

Think about it this way. I love DVD commentaries. I love to hear how things were made. I love to hear the stories that happened around the making of the things I enjoy. Life is like a movie. I want to share my own behind the scenes moments that will hopefully benefit others. I want to share conversations about topics I’m interested in with people I know well or maybe even don’t know at all.

You can expect to hear me and my adults sons talk about our love of Star Wars and sci-fi and fantasy in general. You can expect to hear audio versions of blog posts I’ve written on doing VoiceOver, podcasting, and technology. I also hope to interview people I admire, and find out more than just “fan-boy” level stuff. I don’t expect to get their deepest secrets or become their best friend, but I know they have more to offer the just, “What was it like making the thing you are most famous for?”

My name is Corby, and I want to leave the mic on in order to capture both the silly and the significant, the interesting-to-me and maybe interesting-to-others, the life lessons from the known and the unknown people around us.

The mic is on. Let’s talk.

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